Employee Benefits Program Overview

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A.   Overview

Employers and employees all want the same thing although it often doesn't seem like it.  Both want to achieve their full potential in every area of their lives.  Life Masteries Institute, a non-profit organization, creates partnerships with corporations and organizations to bring added benefits to employees, their families and their lives.  These benefits can improve employee morale, productivity, reduce stress and more.


B.   What are the Benefits?

There are a number of tools and services offered by various organizations and companies. We will work with you to develop a program that will best assist you and your company to overcome your biggest challenges and address current needs. These benefits can include but are not limited to:

·      Financial Planning Seminars

·      Mortgage Lending Seminars

·      Special discounts on services provided by sponsors such as insurance, mortgages and more

·      Seminars to learn more about personalities and maximizing relationships in all areas of one's life

·      Complimentary business analysis tools

·      Personality Assessments

·      Life assessment and analysis

·      Personal and career development assistance

·      Ideas you may have to build a program most effective for your organization


C.   Program Ideal For Companies/ Organizations who are:

·      Expanding rapidly

·      Looking for cost effective ways to offer added benefits to their employees

·      Small companies looking to grow

·      Large companies in a competitive market

·      Companies facing transitions such as downsizing


D.   5 easy steps to make the program work best. . .

1.     Review “Employee Benefit Program Overview”

2.     Offer the program to selected employees on a trial basis

3.     Receive feedback from those testing the program

4.     Offer to all employees, clients, and prospects as applicable

5.     Evaluate effectiveness of program quarterly and modify as necessary


NOTE: We recommend that individuals get started with something simple and powerful by offering the Life X-Ray life assessment.  By answering a series of questions, participants will learn more about their personality, develop goals, begin a life plan and more.


E.   About Life Masteries Institute

Life Masteries Institute is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation focused on making a difference in individuals' lives through personal growth and development training and coaching.  The vision of Life Masteries Institute is very simple, “to make a difference in every single person in the world – one person at a time.”  Many individuals, companies, and organizations have invested time, talents, resources, and expertise to make the Employee Benefits Program possible.

F. Costs

Our goal, and the goal of all those who participate, is to never limit life-changing materials, tools, and training to anyone due to costs.  Life Masteries provides everything to as many individuals as financing and resources allow. 


We have suggested contributions for all the services we provide.  If individuals, corporations, or organizations are testing out a product or service there is no expectation that contributions be made.  If individuals are unable to make a contribution, Life Masteries will provide all assistance requested as long as some type of funding is available.  If funding is not immediately available Life Masteries Institute will place the individual, corporation, or organization on a waiting list until Life Masteries Institute is able to raise funding.


G.   Contributors


Individuals, corporations, and organizations make contributions to Life Masteries Institute for numerous reasons.  The base foundational reason will almost always be the same: “people caring about other people.”  What's unique about contributions to Life Masteries Institute is that there is a strong effort to bring something of added value for each contribution. 


Benefits for corporations can be . . .


For employees:

* Increased work productivity              * Better moral                         * Less turn-over

* Less stress                                          * Better life balance                * Better focus


For clients, prospects, or vendors:

* Bringing added value                           * Enhance relationships          * Solidify business transactions

* Improve account penetration, all of which bring in more sales and increase overall profitability. 



Benefits to organizations can be . . .


For employees:

* Increased work productivity,             * Better moral,                        * Less turn-over,

* Less stress,                                         * Better life balance,


For donors, contributors, or fund raisers:

* Added value to donors or key contributors                                       

* Open doors to increase the outreach, vision, and passion for what the organization stands for. 

* Some organizations find the tools, training, and assistance to be great ways to raise additional funds for key projects.



Benefits to individuals can be . . .


* Increased career opportunity              * Better focus                        

* Better working relationships              * Less stress                                      



* Better life balance                               * Better self-understanding     * Stronger life plan & purpose

* Better financial management               * Personal growth                   * Better health

* More self-confidence                         



* Stronger relationships                         * Better marriages                   * Less conflict

* Better communication                        


Life Masteries Institute has found that when individuals grow in any area of their personal life, these gains are also apparent in their professional life as well. Conversely, if communicated and coordinated properly, when an individual grows in specific areas of their career, this growth will also improve their personal lives.


H. Questions and Getting Started

If you have additional questions that are not answered here or would like to find out how to get started, contact Dan Vesely at Life Masteries Institute by calling 1-888-789-7878 or e-mailing to dvesely@lifemasteries.org. We'll be happy to set up an appointment for you with one of our business professional volunteers to talk in more detail.



Sponsoring Companies



Life Masteries Institute has created a unique program designed to help professionals (Realtors, financial planners, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, doctors, chiropractors, etc.) bring an employee benefits package to companies or organizations that have numerous employees.


A.   Overview


The sponsoring company or a representative from Life Masteries will make the Employee Benefits program available to targeted companies.  In addition to the tremendous tools, training, systems, and support given by Life Masteries staff you can offer some of your own services or products to companies as a way of bringing value to employees at no cost to the company.  Employees win, employers win, each sponsoring company wins, and Life Masteries wins by reaching more people.


B.   5 easy steps to make the program work best. . .


   1. Meet with a Life Masteries representative and review the program.

   2. Implement the simple pilot program to a few companies to test effectiveness

   3. Receive feedback from those testing the program

   4. If the program is successful, formalize and expand to maximize overall profitability

   5. Evaluate the effectiveness of program quarterly and modify as necessary


C.   How the program works


Your Life Masteries representative will meet with you to build a special program combining your unique offerings with those available through Life Masteries.  Your representative will then work with the Life Masteries graphic design department to develop unique marketing pieces that are specific to your individual needs.


D.   Costs

As long as Life Masteries has the proper funding there is no cost for professionals to participate in the program.  However, contributions and donations do help ensure that the services of Life Masteries Institute are able to continue indefinitely. 


One-Time Up-Front Contribution

If a professional or company are able to make a one-time, up-front contribution of $1,950, it will help to off-set the costs to Life Masteries to develop the customized four-color marketing materials which you will be able to use to present yourself in a professional manner. 


Monthly Per Company Contribution

If the sponsor is able to contribute $90 per month for each corporate account signed-up, it will help offset some of the oversight, management, and assistance of the account.


Contributions for added value services

In many situations, either the company being sponsored or the individuals receiving the benefit will make contributions that offset the cost of items provided by Life Masteries.  Many sponsors will set aside a percentage of the sale or profit from each account to further support Life Masteries outreach.  In some situations Life Masteries may produce monthly or quarterly reports to show the value brought to an account. This enables the sponsors to know what they may expect from the accounts sponsored.


E.   Reporting back to Life Masteries


Everyone within the Life Masteries network has a passion to help everyone we touch.  We value your feedback and have some unique ability to assist due to our non-profit status and the abilities to get into people's lives in a special way.


If you believe an account you're sponsoring isn't living up to its full potential, please let your Life Masteries account representative know.  They will work with you to develop a strategy to assist you improve the results you're seeing within a sponsored account. In most situations, if you're not seeing the full benefits, that means Life Masteries isn't making the desired impact in the lives of those within the sponsored organization.


F.  Companies/ organizations to target:


* Large companies                                 * Unions                                 * Schools

* Credit unions                                      * Universities                          * Mid-size companies

* Churches                                             * Franchises                            * Associations

* Chambers of commerce                       * Military                               * Government

* Clubs


NOTE:  Anyone who has access to a database of people is a great prospect.  A good sponsoring company can produce over $50,000 in added income to sales professionals and hundreds of thousands in added profit to sponsoring companies.


G.   Prospects may be identified through:


* Clients                                                 * Yellow pages

* Clients places of employment          * Neighbors                          * Purchase lists

* Internet                                               * Library                                 * Lists on CD ROM


H.   Script to getting started


“Hi _________________________, my name is _________________________ with _________________ and I support Life Masteries Institute which is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting employees to achieve their full potential, lower their stress, and improve life balance.  I don't know if the employees in your organization have too much stress or challenges in keeping balance in their lives but could I ask you a couple quick questions.


* Who would be the individual responsible for making a decision to offer an employee benefits program which doesn't cost your company any money but does bring huge value, lower stress, and improve life balance to all employees?

* Before I let you go what would you personally say the two biggest challenges you believe most employees within your organization face on a daily basis?

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I. Questions and Getting Started

If you have additional questions that are not answered here or would like to find out how to get started, contact Life Masteries Institute by calling 630-393-2495 and ask for Rosanna. We'll be happy to set up an appointment for you with one of our business professional volunteers to talk in more detail.



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