The Life Masteries Institute was founded by businesses and individuals with a desire to help people of all ages, economic backgrounds, and social standings to reach their full potential in all areas of their lives. The institute utilizes tools, systems, and resources developed by many companies as a way to bring very powerful developmental tools to individuals and organizations who would not normally have the ability to pay for these advanced systems and resources. The institute works with people all over the world, helping individuals reach beyond their life dreams in all areas of their lives.

These tools, systems, and resources assist individuals in articulating their life dreams, discovering what they will need to do to reach those dreams, anticipating the challenges they will face, obtaining the necessary training, and mentoring others. Various tools will demonstrate how to build better relationships, maintain balance in life, manage time more effectively, and reach one's full potential.

In the business world, these tools will cost a company between $2,000 to $15,000 per person to implement. Through the institute, all these tools are provided at no charge to the individual or approved nonprofit organization.

Benefits + Personal Effectiveness + Better/More Consistent Follow Through + Balanced Life + Greater Success + Improved Relationships + Stronger Values + Stronger Character/Confidence + Strong Careers + Cost to Participate + How to get started + Application for assistance + Questions Often Asked + It seems to good to be true


LMI has tools that help individuals find:

1. Better effectiveness
2. Improved follow-through
3. A balanced life
4. Greater success
5. Improved relationships
6. Stronger values, character, and confidence
7. Strong careers

These tools assist individuals in every area of their lives. They are so powerful that a CEO of a Fortune 100 company can use them and be challenged, yet so simple that a five-year-old can and has used them. The institute is currently working with Synergy to develop a visually based system from which a three-year-old, or someone who does not read, can benefit.

The systems and tools are powerful, but the massive strength behind these systems is the Life Masteries principles that make these tools come alive. The tools will make a difference in marriages headed for divorce. Children who have poor self-esteem will start to gain more confidence and passion for success. Teenagers who lack direction or continually make poor choices will start to turn their lives around. Mothers who struggle with all the things they have to do will start to see progress in all areas and feel better about themselves. Fathers who have not made their families a priority or have not had a strong role model will start to see things gradually change in their lives.

The principles have worked for centuries and have passed the test of time, but the tools pass these principles on to people in a new, fresh way. These tools have been developed and tested over many years, and millions of dollars have been invested in their development to make them what they are today.

These tools have made a difference in other people's lives, and we would like the opportunity and privilege to make a difference in your life and the lives of those around you. The following few pages will provide you with a few of the major Life Masteries principles. Following are the steps to take to get started and some relevant information that you might find helpful.

The Life Masteries Institute would like to thank Synergy Solutions, Inc., all their employees, and every one of their clients. Without their investment of time, resources, and money, the institute would not have access to these powerful tools and systems. Thank you!

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Personal Effectiveness

These systems will assist all individuals and improve their personal effectiveness. On average, individuals using these systems will increase their effectiveness by 35% within 60 days. (This essentially means that an individual will get more done in less time.) Some individuals will take the extra time they find to grow personally, enrich their personal relationships, grow educationally, relax, or do any number of things that never used to fit into their schedules.

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Better/More Consistent Follow Through

We find people all over the world who have the greatest intentions in many areas of their lives but do not seem to be able to follow through. The following scenario can be used to show how many people approach life. We will use building a relationship as an example.

1. Principle: We approach a new situation with enthusiasm and get poor results.
Action: A man works to impress a woman.
Results: The woman doesn't like him.

2. Principle: When we keep doing the right actions, our results improve over time.
Action: The man treats her nicely and is sensitive to her feelings.
Results: The woman starts to like him.

3. Principle: When we start to get good results, the consistency of our actions starts to decrease.
Action: The couple gets married, and the man starts to focus on providing for his family and self-fulfillment.
Results: The woman starts to feel that the man doesn't care, and the relationship starts to deteriorate.

4. Principle: Our results are low, so we increase our effort/actions.
Action: The man realizes the relationship is in trouble and starts to focus more efforts on the woman.
Results: The relationship starts to improve.

5. Principle: We see improvement, lose focus, and decrease consistency of actions.
Action: The man reduces the frequency of successful actions, and the relationship starts to suffer.
Results: The whole cycle starts over, and the relationship continues to experience wide ups and downs.

These cycles apply in every area of our lives (relationships, career, parenting, business, school, or any other area). When we maintain consistency in our actions, we maintain consistency in the results we get in every area of our life. Applying this principle provides life masteries.


With Life Masteries' systems, over 95% of the individuals that start will follow through. Why? The systems are easy, take little time, and incorporate every area of one's life.

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Balanced Life

We all struggle with keeping balance in our lives. As soon as we feel we have balance, something changes in our lives that creates imbalance. The systems and tools offered by the Life Masteries Institute assist individuals to maintain balance in every area of their lives.

The ActionVision system, which is a developmental tool used by the Institute, is a twelve-month detailed plan that helps users to achieve direction, focus, and balance in all areas of life. When life changes, which can occur daily, the ActionVision system adjusts with you. When the days turn into weeks and the weeks turn into months without improvement, this system will show you where you need minor adjustments.

Your ActionVision life plan is customized to you. There are no two life plans that are exactly alike because no two people are the same. Every individual has his own dreams, strengths, weaknesses, desires, passions, pain, pleasure, and beliefs. Your personal life plan would take all these factors into account and help you maintain the balance in your life that we all desire.

We all have natural strengths and weaknesses that draw us away from balance in our lives. The ActionVision Life Masteries planning system will assist you in taking advantage of those strengths and bringing people into your life to minimize weaknesses so you can reach your maximum potential and achieve life masteries.

How does your life plan fit in with that of others around you? Do you ever feel your life is being pulled away from those you love the most? Have you ever seen a teenager or adult hurt those individuals who can help him/her the most? Have you ever felt that you weren't reaching your true potential but didn't know what to do about it? The ActionVision Life Masteries system will assist you in all these areas and help you maintain balance in your life as it changes over the hours, days, months, and years.

Your life plan can help you and others with your education or career, personal life, family, social or community involvement, or any other area in which you believe you need assistance. We would love the opportunity to work with you to create balance in every area of your life.

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Greater Success

We all have things in life we value. For example, your list of the most important values in your life might look like this:

#1 - Your relationship with your spouse
#2 - Your relationship with your children
#3 - Providing for your family (your career)

Your values may be different, but it is important to understand the principle that values create hope and provide reasons for which we do things on a daily basis. It is relatively easy to see success in any one of these areas, but true success in life applies to all areas. Know your priorities, live your values every day, have a plan, and make sure your daily actions fit into your overall life values.

We all need to have dreams and goals. We all have potential that reaches far beyond our daily thoughts and actions. The tools and systems available through the Life Masteries Institute will assist you in reaching beyond your dreams in every area of your life!

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Improved Relationships

Have you ever failed to "connect" with someone but did not understand why? Have you ever felt that you'd lost the ability to communicate with someone you loved? Have you ever thought that you did not know what steps to take to reach your full potential? Have you seen a loved one hurting and felt completely inadequate to help him/her?

Relationships are so important to everyone, and many individuals struggle with making their most important relationships exciting, vibrant, and long lasting. The Life Masteries Institute utilizes the Mind2 system and seminars to assist individuals in understanding themselves and others. These tools will help you understand why you do what you do, what you can do to improve your relationship skills, and how to reach out to others.

We have probably all heard that opposites attract. Mind2's system of analysis, teaching, and learning will help users identify their primary and secondary personality styles within minutes. Once they've identified their own styles, participants learn how to motivate, relate to, communicate with, and understand the type of person to whom they will naturally be attracted. They will learn how to anticipate the challenges that often occur in relationships between opposites.

We all probably know that we are driven by pain and pleasure; what most people do not know is that what causes one personality pain will give another pleasure. Very powerful tools and training will help you develop better relationships in all areas of your life.

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Stronger Values

The Life Masteries Institute has worked with Synergy Solutions, Inc. to develop a values, knowledge, and work ethic transfer program to help individuals strengthen their values and thereby improve their lives. In many situations, parents instill values in their children, but some children are in situations where they do not receive strong values at a young age.

The Life Masteries Values Enrichment Program is designed to provide tools and assistance to parents, schools, and organizations in solidifying strong values and assisting individuals in implementing those values in all areas of their lives. The younger an individual is when this program is implemented, the easier it is to make changes.

For additional details on the life principles taught through the Life Masteries Institute, please see WEB ADDRESS FOR 12 PRINCIPLES.

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Stronger Character/Confidence

Stronger character is the result of applying the right values consistently in all areas of our lives. When we grow in character, it gives us additional confidence. Increased confidence builds our self-esteem, self-worth, and self-value. When we fail to apply character-building values, we make bad choices. Making bad choices produces bad consequences, and making good choices results in good consequences.

We understand the foundational building blocks to strong character and confidence. When we build individuals with strong character and confidence, we build strong families. When we have strong families, we have strong communities. When we have strong communities, we have a strong nation. When we have strong nations, we have a strong world. It starts with building strong individuals with character and confidence.

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Strong Careers

The Life Masteries Institute is building a complete training and certification program to assist individuals with successful careers or businesses. This training program provides tools, materials, real-life experiences, and mentoring to assist individuals in understanding what it takes to be successful in one's chosen career.

This training is extremely flexible and can be introduced at almost any level. It can bring equal benefit to the president and CEO of a Fortune 100 company and to someone who is looking to start a part-time job.

Individuals who receive certificates of achievement through the Institute will belong to an exclusive group of select individuals who have proven that they adhere to certain foundational values, demonstrate a strong work ethic, and have the necessary knowledge of life principles that create success. Individuals then have access to member companies who look to the Life Masteries Institute for assistance in hiring great employees. This makes sense to graduates from the Institute as well as to employers who assist in funding the Institute.

This offering of the Life Masteries Institute can be integrated with local educational institutions. Our vision is working together with others in the community, providing benefit to everyone within the world community, regardless of their ability to pay.

Principle-Based Training
* Life values that create career success
* Reaching your maximum potential
* How to be the best employee
* Building a successful business
* How to help others reach their dreams
* How to manage and lead people
* Goal setting
* Time management
* Project management
* Handling/prioritizing multiple projects and tasks

ActionVision Certification
The ActionVision business/life planning system can be applied to any individual in any industry in any position. When an individual receives his nonprofit certification, he brings a great deal of value to his career and his company. ActionVision business certification at level three costs over $17,000 per individual; once an individual receives nonprofit certification, he can obtain business certification for much less and do it in less time.

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Cost to Participate

The organization and/or the individual incurs no costs to participate in these programs. The funding for implementation of these programs, systems, and training will come from a number of sources. Because of the large number of companies, individuals, organizations, and volunteers who support the work of the institute, the overall cost to implement the programs, systems, and training is kept to a minimum.

If the nonprofit organization or an individual is able to assist in picking up the implementation costs, it will be appreciated but not required. Because of the number of volunteers who participate in working with the Institute, the overall implementation costs are also kept to a minimum. The following implementation costs are estimates and do depend on the level of participation from the nonprofit organization or group.

Estimated implementation cost per individual (for groups of 100 or more):
$58: Upfront material costs
$11.50/month: program maintenance

Total costs per hundred to run the program
Startup costs: $5,800
Monthly costs: $1,150
Total yearly costs: $19,600 (Approximately $196 per individual)

Estimated implementation cost per individual: (for groups of 20)
$88: Upfront materials costs
$16/month: program maintenance

Total costs per group of twenty to run the program:
Startup costs: $1,760
Monthly costs: $320
Total yearly costs: $5,600 (Approximately $280 per individual)

Once a group is approved to participate in the program, funding for implementation is determined. The following are sources for funding the program and will usually come from a number of areas. For further information on sponsorship, please request the information packet, "Achieving Sponsorship". Once approved, the Life Masteries Institute will oversee the full administration of the sponsorship program.

One or more of the following sources usually supplies funding:

* The participating group or organization
* The Institute's resources
* Synergy Solutions, Inc.
* Life Masteries' corporate or individual sponsors
* Local corporate or individual sponsors
* Public or private grants/awards

Note: To develop an ActionVision twelve-month plan and follow through for six months in a business environment, costs run between $1,820 and $7,280. Businesses will earn many thousands of dollars as a return on their investment, but these prices would prohibit many individuals from taking advantage of these powerful tools. The Life Masteries Institute is able to offer its programs because of Synergy Solutions', other businesses', and individuals' contributions of time, resources, and money. We would li
ke to once again thank these businesses and individuals for their assistance. Without it, we would only be able to offer sponsorship to a select few.

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How to get started

The following are the steps required to get started in the program. If you have any questions, please call your account manager. They will answer your questions and assist you with the process of getting started.

Description of steps

1. Complete application for participation and receive acceptance from institute.
2. Obtain support (not necessarily financial) from leadership.
3. Start participation program with all possible individuals & local businesses. (If parents are involved, then receive permission and, ideally, participation.)
4. Determine funding for implementation.
5. Schedule six-month implementation.
6. Identify key individuals to be certified.
7. Begin program.

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Application for assistance

1. Name of organization: _________________________________________________

2. Address: ___________________________________________________________

3. City: __________________________ State: ____ Zip: _______

4. Phone: (_______)_______-__________ Fax: (_______)_______-__________

5. Key individual to contact: _______________________________________________

6. Direct Phone: (_______)_______-__________ E-mail address: ________________________

7. Type of nonprofit organization: ____________________________________________

8. Nonprofit tax exempt number: ____________________________________________

9. How long has organization been incorporated? ______________

10. Number of total individuals in organization: ______________
On database? [ ]-Yes, [ ]-No

11. Number of individuals your organization serves: ______________
On database? [ ]-Yes, [ ]-No

12. Will your organization provide at least some of the funding? ______ If yes, how much? ______

13. Do you believe the business community would support your efforts to assist your organization in this area? Why or why not?

14. Please mark any information your organization has available and attach all information:

__ Organizational chart
__ Written goals
__ Organizational studies
__ List of leaders
__ List of business or individuals who are key supporters
__ Financial statements (needed if we are to assist in raising funds)

15. What is the biggest challenge your organization is currently facing?

16. What is the biggest challenge the individuals within your organization are currently facing?

17. Who are the major decision-makers within your organization, and what is the major reason they decided to utilize tools from the Life Masteries Institute?

School Information

1. Number of administrative individuals: __________

2. Number of students: K-6:_____, 7-8:_____, 9-12:_____, ____:_____, ____:_____

3. Number of teachers: K-6:_____, 7-8:_____, 9-12:_____, ____:_____, ____:_____

4. Database information:
Do you currently have an updated database with all students' mailing addresses?
[ ]-Yes [ ]-No
Name of database program: ______________________________________
For what other uses does your database function?

5. What are the biggest challenges the administrators are currently facing?

6. In general, what are the biggest challenges the teachers are facing?

7. What are the top three challenges the students are facing?

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Questions Often Asked

Why do corporations and individuals support the institute?
Corporations within the community tend to support the institute's efforts for three major reasons:
1. They have been successful in the community and believe in investing back into it.
2. They receive business benefit, increased exposure, and additional business as a result of assisting others within the community.
3. They believe that when they invest back into the community through Life Masteries, they have access to some of the greatest talent within the community. It enables them to attract the very best individuals to take their businesses to the next level.

For what ages is this program most appropriate?
The system has worked for individuals as young as five years old. Life Masteries Institute is working with Synergy Solutions to develop a fun system for three-year-olds. Our system is easy enough to be understood by someone very young but powerful enough to benefit a president of a Fortune 100 company. All materials are age- and skill level-appropriate.

What benefit would a child receive in using these tools?
Children like to know what is expected of them and gain confidence as they understand they are growing in all areas of their lives. It is so easy for a child to grow up too quickly today; our program assists the parent and child in keeping things balanced and headed in the right direction for the child. The tools can assist participating families in family relationships, education, friendships, social interaction, fun activities, sports, hobbies, and part-time jobs.

What if someone is already very successful?
We have found that those looking at growing personally benefit a great deal by using the various tools, systems, and training. There are no two individuals who are exactly alike, and no two individuals would ever implement the tools in the same way. The tools are extremely flexible; as the individual grows, the tool will grow with them. Those who are successful in several areas of their lives often would like to focus more of their effort in specific areas but run out of time. Life Masteries will assist an individual in every area of his life.

Can I find anything else available like it?
The combination of tools, systems, and training is unique to Life Masteries. Life Masteries works very closely with Synergy Solutions, Inc., who provides most of the unique tools and systems they have created and copyrighted. Some of the tools are not available through any other organization.

Why are there sponsors, and what do they get out of it?
Most of the sponsors' major focus is investing something back into the community and into the lives of young people. Many individuals who contribute have had great success in life and want to be wise, generous stewards of the financial gifts they have been given. Most sponsors will say that seeing the difference the program can make in someone's life is more than enough reward.

Because the tools can dramatically assist people in all areas of their lives, they provide an opportunity to reach into the family. While the focus is not financial return, most businesses will benefit as a result of their sponsorship. When sponsors provide tools that make life changes, they find that individuals and companies within the community appreciate their efforts and can become loyal, lifelong customers.

Major sponsors will receive a brief mention in the personalized book participants receive, which provides some information about the sponsoring company. They appreciate the great exposure in the community and in individuals' lives. Company sponsors also have access to some of the brightest individuals who really want to succeed, providing a tremendous opportunity for employment for those that go through the programs. Employers know that they must have customers and employees; establishing relationships with the kinds of individuals who implement this system is extremely beneficial to the long-term health of a company.

Does implementing the program take a lot of time?
Beginning implementation of the life planning systems usually only takes one to two hours. In some situations, individuals will take a half-day seminar that gives them access to a great deal of learning in a short period of time. Once an individual goes through the initial interview, their own personal plan is developed.

An individual can implement the tools in less than five minutes each month. To get the best results in the shortest amount of time, we recommended completing a five-week startup schedule, which takes ninety minutes a week for five weeks. Once that is completed, it will usually only take thirty minutes each month to maintain the system. Because of the efficiency it can create in an individual's life, the system will usually help them to gain between five and ten extra hours per week. In the end, an individual will save a great deal of time.

Will the systems work in different cultures?
The tools and systems are based on life principles that apply to all individuals throughout the world. While different cultures have different values and respond in different ways, the system will flex into any culture.

Different personality types or individuals in different cultures will utilize the system in completely different ways, but the flexibility of the system and tools will naturally adjust to those differences.

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It seems to good to be true

By now you might be saying, "It seems to good to be true. What's the catch?" It is true and there is no catch! Synergy Solutions, Inc. (as well as many other businesses) realizes the importance of investing into the lives of others. Many companies who have been blessed with resources have the personal belief that they want to do something for the community and especially for children.

Large and small companies alike understand the absolute importance of people to their business's success. Sponsoring companies receive the reward of knowing they are making a real difference in the lives of young people around the world. There will always be benefit from helping others; companies that participate in this program understand this truth personally as well as professionally.

For additional information, call the Life Masteries Institute toll-free at (888)789-7878.

For additional information on the principles of Life Masteries, please request our principles booklet.

Benefits+Personal Effectiveness+Better/More Consistent Follow Through + Balanced Life + Greater Success Improved Relationships + Stronger Values + Stronger Character/Confidence + Strong Careers Cost to Participate + How to get started + Application for assistance + Questions Often Asked + It seems to good to be true

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